• Marksmanship practice will continue on Mondays from 1800-2100 for only the cadets representing the Sqn at the zone competition. Once the competition is over, marksmanship nights will reopen to all cadets. Capt Morrisey can be contacted at morriseym@638aircadets.ca if you have any questions.
    • A marksmanship team practice will also be held on Saturday February 3rd from 0800 – 1200 hrs at the Pembroke Armoury.
    • Next Thursday, 01 Feb 2024, will be a Sports Night at the Pembroke Armoury. Dress is appropriate sports attire for cadets. We will be completing our second round of fitness testing. 
    • Thursday, 01 Feb 2024 at 1800h, we will be having a drill team practice. Everyone is still welcomed to attend, as the team has not been picked yet. Please bring your wedge at every practice, regardless of dress of the day (also have your proper headdress with you for the rest of the evenings parade)
    • Congratulations to all cadets who attended the first aid course this past weekend on becoming qualified for Standard First Aid and CPR Level C.  
    • Due to a last minute schedule conflict we postponed the date of the Groundhog Formal Dance that was originally scheduled for 2 Feb 2024 to Friday March 1st 2024. All cadets are welcome to attend and may bring 1 guest. Cost per person is $10 payable at the door. The dance will be held at the Pembroke Armoury from 1900 (7:00 pm) to 2300 (11:00pm). All cadets who intend to participate are asked to complete this linked form, for planning purposes.
    • 638 Sqn is organizing a Ski/Snowboard day at Mt Pakenham on Saturday, February 10th. We are no longer accepting new participants. Payment for those who have signed up is due no later than 1 Feb 2024. Activity details are on the linked form. Questions can be directed to Capt Frampton at framptonh@638aircadets.ca
    • ATTENDANCE: Upon arrival at the Armoury all cadets are required to sign in on the attendance sheet that is placed on a table inside the entrance to the parade square. IF a cadet arrives late, they are to report to the office to sign in before heading to their class. As a reminder facebook messages are not accepted for excusals. You must call or text the squadron cell phone (343-369-8257)



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