1. Training Night #8 on Wednesday, December 02, 2020

·       Spitfire Flight – in person at the Armoury

·       Chinook Flight -virtually via google meet 

2.    Reminder, before attending any in person cadet activity please complete the ONLINE COVID-19 Self Assessment on the day of the activity  from this link or from 638 Algonquin Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron Facebook page or the 638AirCadets web page.

3.    Ottawa Valley Taekwon-Do will be providing introductory classes to all interested 638 Squadron cadets on 12-13 Dec 20.  Sessions will be 1 hour long by appointment only.  Adhering to COVID-19 restrictions, classes are limited to 8 participants at a time. A sign up sheet will be provided shortly via Google. For more information please contact Capt. Duchene @ duchened@638aircadet.ca

4.    Marksmanship will be held Monday, November 30th from 1900 -2100 hrs.  The 10 cadets who were selected to participate this week are selected to attend Monday. November 30th.  IF you are unable to attend, please contact Capt. Morrissey @ morriseym@638aircadets.ca, ASAP to advise so another cadet may attend.

5.    Cancellation Policy Due to Weather

There may be a requirement to change an in-person training night to a virtual training night or may need to cancel an activity from time to time due to weather conditions. Every effort will be made to publicize the cancellation on the Squadron’s Website and Facebook page no later than 1300hrs on the day in question. We encourage all cadets and parent/guardian(s) to check these two sources for updates. As always parents and/or guardians should use their judgement when deciding whether or not to venture out on the roads to bring their child to cadets.

6.    Good luck to WO2 Belanger, WO2 Smith and WO2 Somes who will be participating in the Merit Review Board next Wednesday, December 2nd, one of them will be selected to be our Squadron Commander and promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer First Class (WO1).

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