As summer nights shorten and we begin to look to the fall I expect you may be wondering when and how cadets will resume for the 2021-22 training year.

At this time, we have been advised that the details of return will not be known until after 20 September 2021. The intent is for a safe, steady, and gradual return. Even with the unknown date and method, 638 Squadron staff are preparing to return to in person, virtual or hybrid training to ensure we are ready to go once approval is granted.

As we continue to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, the health and safety of cadets, staff, their families, and the community at large is the number one consideration when determining the return to cadets. Rest assured, that precautions and public health measures will be considered and enforced when the decision on when and how cadets will resume.

Updates will be provided when more information is available.

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