1.      Please note that the suspension of in-person activities for all Cadet Squadrons in Ontario is extended until 11 Feb 21. We are hopeful that we will be granted approval to resume hybrid (virtual/in-person) training as early as 17 Feb 21.

 2.  Beginning in February, cadets will be invited to participate in a Fun Fitness Challenge.  FSgt Bonville and FSgt Brown-McKie will have more details next week. Stay Tuned.

3.     March Break Cadet Activity Program (CAP)

Applications are now being accepted for cadet participants for the March Break Cadet Activities Program (CAP) deadline for applications is 10 Feb 21.

Although the focus is for first and second-year cadets to attend, all cadets are encouraged to apply.

Planning for Summer CAP 2021 is underway. Cadets who do not have the opportunity to participate in March Break CAP will be able to apply for summer opportunities in their Area.

** While we will put every effort into developing a fun and engaging program, we will not compromise on safety and if that means shutting down certain sites, or everything, up to the last minute, that is the reality of these times we find ourselves in.

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