Interested in telling the story of the Cadet Program?

Starting this year, the Cadet Correspondent (CC) Workshop is being launched virtually! The course is primarily self-led, some sessions may require cadets to attend virtually and will take place over six weeks during the weekends. This workshop is led by the RCSU-Central Public Affairs Team.

Topics covered include writing, photography, videography, social media and more! The goal of the course is to equip cadets to tell the stories of cadets, events, and activities happening at their corps and squadrons for larger audiences.

Cadets who would like to apply should have completed their silver star/phase three/level three. A maximum of one cadet per corp/squadron can be registered to ensure as many corps/squadrons as possible have the opportunity to participate. There are only 45 spots available and registration is done through your corp/squadron.

This is a great opportunity for level 3 cadets, who are 14 years old and interested in photography, interviewing, social media and adding a new qualification to their cadet file.

If you wish to be registered for this virtual course you must email Captain Frampton, no later than midnight, Wednesday, January 13th. Include a brief explanation as to why you would like to take this course and how it will benefit 638 Sqn.

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