1. Thank you to the 20 Cadets who volunteered to assist with the 450 THS Children’s Christmas party.
  2. Thank you to the 2 cadets who volunteered to assist with the Royal Canadian Legion’s Kids Christmas party.
  3. The 11th Annual Ottawa Valley Cadet Christmas Formal is being held on Friday, December 13, 2019 at Fellow’s High School from 1900-2300hrs.  Dress is formal attire or cadet uniform (white shirt and bow tie optional).  Cost is $7.00 per cadet and guest.  Canteen will be open.
  4. Biathlon practice Saturday, December 14, 1300-1430 hrs (1:00 pm – 2:30 pm) at the Pembroke armoury. We will be conducting dryland training both inside and outside. Wear running shoes, athletic/sweat pants/leggings, jacket, gloves, toque. Dress appropriate for the weather.
  5. Ground School is scheduled every Monday evening at the Pembroke Armoury from 1900-2100hrs (7-9pm) unless otherwise stated.
  6. Marksmanship is scheduled every Monday evening at the Pembroke Armoury from 1800-2100hrs (6:00-9:00pm).
  7. Cadets and parents are reminded that cadets should not be at the Armoury on Wednesdays prior to 1800hrs (6pm).
  8. Get your lottery tickets before the Christmas break.  Bring in your $60 and we will give you a book of tickets to sell.  When they are all sold, bring the ticket stubs in by Wednesday, February 5th.  Every cadet is asked to sell at least one book of tickets.  If it is not possible to bring in the $60.00 beforehand, please see a Sponsoring Committee and other arrangements can be made.  Each book of tickets sold will give you ballot for our draw prize at the end!
  9. Cadets interested in participating in the Pakenham Ski/Snowboard/Tubing trip on 01 Feb 2020, please sign up on the Intent to Participate form that will be placed on the sign in table for the next 2 weeks, and then again in January. Timings, and cost, etc. will be announced in early January.
  10. The Kiwanis Club is looking for volunteers to help with their Toy and Food Drive this Christmas.  If you are interested in getting volunteer hours for school or  cadets,  this is a great opportunity.  Parents will have to supervise their cadet.  Cadet t-shirts or sweatshirts can be worn to promote our program.  Please contact Laura at lrdmnt5@gmail.com or text her at 613-602-3012.   They have lots of openings left to fill!
  11. Cancellation Policy Due to Weather – There may be a requirement to cancel a regular training night and/or activity from time to time due to weather conditions. Every effort will be made to publicize the cancellation on the Squadron’s Website and Facebook page no later than 1300hrs on the day in question. We encourage all cadets and parent/guardian(s) to check these two sources for updates.  As always parents and/or guardians should use their judgement when deciding whether or not to venture out on the roads to bring their son/daughter/ward to cadets.
  12. Finally, to keep up-to-date on upcoming events and activities make sure to add 638 Squadron’s calendar to your favorites.  Our calendar can be viewed at https://teamup.com/ksbdbda58dbf8c2db4

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