1. Thank you to all the cadets who participated in the City of Pembroke’s Remembrance Day Ceremonies on 11 Nov 19.
  2. Biathlon:  Next practice is 30 Nov 2019  1300 (1:00 pm) 0 1430 (2:30 pm) meet at the Pembroke Armoury. We will be conducting dryland training both inside and outside. Wear running shoes, athletic/sweat pants/leggings, jacket, gloves, toque. Bring a filled water bottle.  Dress for the weather.  Open to ALL cadets interested in learning more about the sport.
  3. Cadets who have signed up for the first aid course this weekend, will meet at the 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron on Saturday at 8:00am.  Both Saturday and Sunday are scheduled to run from 8:00am – 4:00pm.  Please bring your water bottle, a pen and note paper.  Lunch will be provided.
  4. Annual Validation Forms and Squadron Handbook Acknowledgement Forms are due back to the office no later than Wednesday, November 13, 2019.  Cadets who do not hand in their forms by the deadline will not be able to participate in any cadet activities until such time as the forms have been completed and handed in. If you require another validation form or handbook form please see the office on Wednesday.  Questions to Capt Cathy Gerrard, Administration Officer (catherine.gerrard@cadets.gc.ca).
  5. Our first aid kit fundraiser has begun!  We have kits ranging from $8.00 to $45.00 to satisfy all of your first aid needs.  They come in handy zip up bags that  are filled with first aid supplies that are easy to refill.  Please sell them to friends, family, co-workers ad neighbours!  They make great Christmas gifts!  Come in and check them out Wednesdays at cadets.  Kits will in by December 11th.
  6. All cadets that have volunteered to take part with us in the Pembroke Santa Claus Parade of Lights on Saturday, November 23rd should be dropped off at the Metro Moncion parking lot by 4;45pm.  Cadets should be wearing their uniform, parka, gloves and a Christmas hat.  If you do not have a Christmas hat, please let us know and we will provide one.  Cadets are to be picked up at Equinox School (Festival Hall) after the parade is over. Cadets will be downstairs in the basement area where they are invited to have hot chocolate and hot dogs. 
  7. Thank you to the cadet families that participated in our Trivia Night.  It was a great success, and we raised just under $1000.
  8. Ground School is scheduled every Monday evening at the Pembroke Armoury from 1900-2100hrs (7-9pm) unless otherwise stated.
  9. Marksmanship is scheduled every Monday evening at the Pembroke Armoury from 1800-2100hrs (6:00-9:00pm).
  10. Cadets and parents are reminded that cadets should not be at the Armoury on Wednesdays prior to 1800hrs (6pm).
  11. The new United Way campaign has been launched.  If you donate to the United Way through your work we would ask you to consider directing your donation to 638 Squadron.  The Squadron is registered as #638 Algonquin Squadron and our registration number is 130387665RR0036.  All donations are greatly appreciated.
  12. Finally, to keep up-to-date on upcoming events and activities make sure to add 638 Squadron’s calendar to your favorites.  Our calendar can be viewed at https://teamup.com/ksbdbda58dbf8c2db4

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