1. Thank you to FSgt Celeste Belanger and her helpers you ran a successful “Ulgy Sweater Christmas Party” this week. Lots of fun was had by all and over four boxes of non-perishable food was donated to the food bank.
2. Biathlon: There will NOT be a Biathlon practice on 21 Dec. If you have not received your skis, Captain Frampton will have them for you at the next practice or, you may contact her to arrange pick up.  Practices over the holidays will be communicated via the established group email.  If you have NOT received an email from her, please initiate contact by emailing heatherframpton7@gmail.com. The next week of at home training will be emailed by Saturday, December 21.
3. Cadets interested in participating in the Pakenham Ski/Snowboard/Tubing trip on 1 Feb 20, departure from the armoury at 7:00 am and pick up at the armoury at 5:30 pm.  Costs as follows: Tubing – Free; Ski/Snowboard lift only $15.00; Ski/Snowboard lift, equipment rentals and lesson $35.00. Please sign up on the Intent to Participate form placed on the sign in table AND INDICATE IF YOU NEED/WANT LESSONS. If you were unable to attend cadets on 17 Dec 2019, and wish to partake in this activity you MUST contact Capt. Frampton via email ASAP. Permission forms must be submitted not later than 15 Jan 2020.
4. There is no marksmanship practice until the new year.
5. There is no ground school until the new year.
6. Have a very safe and enjoyable Christmas break: Merry Christmas!

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