• Monday, May 6, 2024 a drill practice will be held at the Pembroke Armoury from 1830-2030 hrs. Please contact MCpl Craig at craigc@638aircadets.ca if you have any questions.
  • Thursday 9 May will be regular training at the Pembroke Armoury. Dress for cadets is FTU and for staff it is CadPat.
  • Our gliding day is this Sunday May the 5th. Cadets are to meet at the Pembroke Armoury for 0600 for departure with breakfast eaten. Ensure to bring your health card and water bottle! Cadets are to be picked up at 1900 at the Pembroke Armoury. Ensure to bring appropriate clothing for the weather.
  • The drill team competition is quickly approaching on Saturday Mar 11th. Cadets will meet at the Pembroke Armoury at 0630 with breakfast eaten. Travel dress is civilian attire for cadets and staff, bring your uniform with you!! Dress for competition is C3. Cadets are to be picked at 1730 hours at the Pembroke Armoury. 
  • Cadet t-Shirts are now available for purchase at the office. The cost is $20 per shirt.
  • ATTENDANCE: Upon arrival at the Armoury all cadets are required to sign in on the attendance sheet that is placed on a table inside the entrance to the parade square. IF a cadet arrives late, they are to report to the office to sign in before heading to their class. As a reminder facebook or other messages are not accepted for excusals. You must call or text the squadron cell phone  343-369-8257. You can also find the squadron cell phone number on our website and at the top of our facebook page.



List of cadets attending gliding:

Guidi, Delali
Jacyno, WIlliam
Kamaeva, Anna
Baltazar, Venezia
Blanco, Marcelo
Hakiza, Charles
Milke, Tessa
Vermette, Nicolas
Benn, Hanna
Craig, Xander
Drame, Abdoulaye
Marion, Michael
Neadow, Jonathan
Renals, Dylan
Vermette, Sebastien
Watt, Aurelie
Cayer, Mathieu
Hitchins, Calder
Lemieux, Gabe
Levesque, Anna
Staniewicz, Antoni
Summers, Henry
VanDam, Eric
White, Kaylee
Wilson, Lorelei
Farrell, Athena
Hancock, Owen
Higgins, Lochlan
Hitchins, Holden
Lima, Able
MacDougall, Elysa
Nicodemo, Masimo
Patenaude, Leo
Urbach, Gene
Ziegler, Anastacia
Ziegler, Stella

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