Join 638 Algonquin Royal Canadian

Air Cadets Squadron


Why join?

What if you were told that there was a dynamic, structured youth program that offered Canadian youth a variety of interesting and challenging activities?

What if you were told that this same program developed in youth an increased level of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness?

Cadets are motivated to improve their physical fitness, to work harder at their academic studies and to give back to their communities through volunteerism and citizenship activities.

The Cadet Program also has a direct impact on Canadian society as a whole. Cadets have the opportunity to take part in various leadership roles throughout the program.

There is definite value in having well-rounded, community-minded, experienced young people who are ready to assume their places as tomorrow’s leaders and decision-makers.

Requirements to Join Cadets

To be eligible for membership as a Cadet one must:

  1. Be a legal resident of Canada:
    NOTE: A legal resident of Canada is a Canadian citizen, a landed immigrant, or, the dependant of a person who is lawfully resident in Canada on a temporary basis for the purpose of education or employment.
  2. Provide proof of provincial health insurance coverage or equivalent;
  3. Be at least 12 years of age;
  4. Not have attained 19 years of age;
  5. Normally be in good physical condition;
  6. Not belong to another corps or squadron; and
  7. Be acceptable to the Commanding Officer (CO) of the cadet corps or squadron.

The CO of the cadet corps or squadron shall review and approve all membership applications; however, he/she shall consult with the Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU) when there is uncertainty as to whether an application meets the basic membership standards or an application requires special consideration such as:

  1. Application from a youth who is not yet a legal resident of Canada; and
  2. Application from a youth who has a medical, physical or mental condition specified in Part 2 of the CF 1158 that cannot be accommodated

Steps to Join

Applicants who are between the ages of 12-18 can enroll into the Canadian Cadet Organization.
This is what you need to do:

1. Go to the Online Registration Tool to begin your process! Before starting your online application ensure you have this information ready: your health card, the address and phone numbers of all parents/guardians.

2. Use the online unit directory on the first page to select 638 Pembroke.

3. Using the registration link provided to you via email you are ready to start your registration process. Follow the directions in the form, and once the registration is complete you will receive an email confirmation that your information has been sent to your chosen squadron.

4. A Squadron staff member will contact you to arrange a time to review official identification, address any questions that require clarification, and welcome you to the Cadet Program!

1. Online registration begins the 1 st of September each year, registrations received during July and August cannot be actioned prior to September 1.

2. If you are unable to access the online registration tool, please contact the squadron directly via email or by phone to set up a time to complete registration.


*MINIMUM AGE  The minimum age to join Cadets is 12 years old. Your twelfth birthday must be on or before the date of enrollment.

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