• Marksmanship practice will be held from 1800-2100 every Monday evening.  This practice is open to all cadets from all levels. See Capt. Morrisey for further information or email at morriseym@638aircadets.ca 
  • ATTENDANCE: Upon arrival at the Armoury all cadets are required to sign in on the attendance sheet that is placed on a table inside the entrance to the parade square. IF a cadet arrives late, they are to report to the office to sign in before heading to their class.
  • Next week, 30 Nov, is regular training with a CO’s parade during 3rd period at the Armoury. Dress for cadets is C1. Parents/guardians are invited to attend the parade. We ask that you be seated no later than 2045 (8:45 p.m.)
  • If you require replacement uniform parts, please speak with Cpl Bulmer as soon as possible. In the meantime, appropriate civilian attire will be acceptable for parade nights.

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